images/bloemen.jpgRhodes Selhorst (1971) is opgegroeid in Bergen [ NH]. Rhodes is in 1990 in contact gekomen met yoga toen zij nog viool studeerde aan het conservatorium te Amsterdam. Zij kreeg haar eerste yogalessen van Margje Kramer.
Rhodes Selhorst verzorgt al ruim 14 jaar yogalessen in haar eigen yogastudio in Groningen. Zij volgde de opleiding tot hatha yogadocent aan de Yoga Academie Nederland in Amsterdam. Rhodes is lid van de Vereniging Yogadocenten Nederland,  welke is erkend door de Europese Yoga Unie.  
Naast de wekelijkse yogalessen geeft Rhodes workshops aan verschillende instellingen en geeft yogalessen aan bedrijven.

De yogalessen worden gegeven in de sfeervolle yogapraktijk in de Pudding Fabriek Viaductstraat 3-4 Groningen.  

In de yogalessen wil Rhodes op een praktische en nuchtere manier de mensen in de gelegenheid stellen om zelf te ervaren wat yoga doet voor lichaam en geest en welke uitwerking dit heeft in het dagelijks leven.

“I studied the violin at the conservatories of Zwolle and Amsterdam and played in the Noord Nederlands Orkest and the Gelders Orkest, among others. Parallel to my musical development I passed the Yoga Teacher certificate in Amsterdam. Since 14 years I manage my own Yoga Atelier in Groningen, with yoga courses, which is attended by more than 100 people every week”.

“My experience (my age is 48) is colourful. I regularly work in business, for the government and for schools, on yoga and meditation. This is based on themes such as sleeping problems, pregnancy and burn-out. Recently I gave a series of workshops "mindful" yoga to groups of high school students in the exam year.”

“I try to create into an effective relationship and interactive process with the groups that follow my courses.
I mostly start a first, exploratory, interview to clarify mutual expectations.

My actual focus is on deepening knowledge about stress reduction through mindfulness inspired movement and meditation. Recently I followed an intensive nine-day training on this themes at the stress clinic of the renowned Edel Maex at the ZNA hospital of Antwerp”.